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Hypertension Diet: Study Shows This Summer Fruit Can Help High BP Patients

            Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which the pressure of the blood against the vessel walls is consistently elevated. Hypertension is characterised by a blood pressure reading of over 140/90 and blood pressure is considered severe when it shoots above 180/90. There are a number of ways of regulating hypertension and ... Read More »

Reasons why fitness is important for dating

A couple who works out together stays together. You may scoff at this idea of laying a great deal of emphasis on physical fitness as the cornerstone of dating and relationship, but the fact of the matter is that in some parts of the world, fitness dating is already a popular concept. There are apps too which connect people romantically, ... Read More »

Did you know? Artificial pancreas to boost diabetes treatment

Sydney: Australian researchers have created the world’s first machine intelligent artificial pancreas that could improve insulin dosing for diabetics. According to Nigel Greenwood, founder at Australia-based firm Evolving Machine Intelligence, along with researchers from the University of Queensland (UQ), the artificial intelligence-based (AI) technique can also transform the way aeroplane engine’s wear & tear is monitored. “Our technology can recommend the ... Read More »

How The Workplace Complicates Our Relationship With Food

A lot of us are really interested in food these days. We’re conscious of what’s fueling us in a way that we never have been before. We’re aware of calories, macronutrients, micronutrients and the relationship between our gut health and our mental health. We read article after article debating carbs vs no carb diets, paleo vs keto vs vegan, vegetarian vs ... Read More »