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This Is How All Your Favorite Food Stars Cook Chicken Thighs

When you think about cooking with chicken, you probably gravitate toward boneless, skinless chicken breasts. But chicken thighs deserve more of your attention because they’re so much more flavorful (dark meat FTW), even cheaper, and just as easy to cook as chicken breasts. Not sure where to start? These recipes from some of our favorite food personalities and celebrity chefs ... Read More »

Is monsoon making your skin greasy? Try these face packs for dry, oily and combination skin

  Whether it is dry, oily or combination type skin, everyone faces some amount of stickiness or greasiness of the skin during monsoons. There are several reasons for the added greasiness during monsoons, humidity being one of them. The weather demands some extra love and care for the skin. You can either choose to spend a bomb on various products ... Read More »

Suffer from acne and planning to go for a facial or detox?

Acne is a nightmare for every girl. If just like me, you believed that acne is caused due to excess toxins in the body and can be treated by undergoing facial or detox, then you are WRONG! According to Dr Smriti Naswa Singh, Consultant Dermatologist, Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, it is a myth that acne is a result of toxins. The belief ... Read More »

Tips to soothe irritated skin after waxing

  Yes, waxing is one of the safest ways to remove unwanted body hair. But how do you ensure that your skin stays smooth after the wax? These tips by Dr Riddhi Chavandermatologist at  Sakhiya Skin Clinic will help reduce the swelling, redness and irritation so that you feel better in the first few hours after waxing. Ways to soothe ... Read More »

How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

We are makeup fanatics but if there is one part of the routine that we often skip, it is cleaning the make-up brushes. We know we have to but avoid it as it not only takes a lot of our time but we are scared that cleaning could cause damage to our favourite tools. Not keeping your brushes clean will ... Read More »

How to know your moisturiser has gone bad?

  The disadvantage of using an expired moisturiser isn’t just that it will be less efficient, but it could also lead to irritation and possible bacterial infection. If you have a tough time keeping track of when you bought the skin product, we have some tips from Dermatologist Dr Chaitali Dixit, the founder of Contura clinic, Bangalore, to help you ... Read More »

Expert-recommended vegetarian meal plan to fight hair loss

  If your receding hairline and bald spots are giving you sleepless nights, it is the time you make certain dietary modifications to keep your mane and also maintain its sheen. Your diet should be healthy and balanced and sufficient in iron and protein. We got nutritionist Priya Kathpal write a vegetarian meal plan for you to fight hair fall. ... Read More »

How I got rid of my ingrown hair problem in just 3 months!

Those ugly black dots around the knees and all over my legs made wearing dresses and short skirts so difficult. I am referring to the stubborn ingrown hair. There are times when I have taken a pin or toothpick and tried to pluck it so that they can emerge out and be removed at the time of waxing. Ingrown hair ... Read More »

What causes smelly hair during monsoon?

Imagine people running away at the sight of you? Body odour? You don’t suffer from that and you’ve used the best of perfumes. Then what is it? It could be hair odour. Surprised? Your hair may end up emanating such horrible odour that people find it difficult to sit next to you. What is it that causes smelly hair despite ... Read More »

Expert tips to avoid smelly hair during monsoon

You do every possible thing to prevent body odour and even odour from your clothes and home during the monsoons. But do you know your hair develops an odour too? Smelly hair can be quite a put-off and a strong odour even indicates a serious condition called the Smelly Hair Syndrome. You really need to take extra care of your ... Read More »